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The Tea On Starbucks' Popularity

Starbucks, a popular coffee place among teens, is likely here to stay.

The franchise has added an average of two stores on a daily basis since 1987. With 87,000 drink possibilities anyone willing to go to Starbucks will likely find something they like. Looking around our halls and seeing the infamous clear cups with a mermaid, I wonder how Starbucks became so popular. What did they do to get where they are today, serving coffee to millions?

The first reason for their success is the 24,300 stores located all around the globe. Another is their somewhat pounce on social media as they began. They give credit for their online popularity to the simplicity of the Starbucks cup. An unnoticed factor in their success is how they write your name on the cup of your drink. The majority of interviewees said they enjoy getting their names called out, when employees add doodles, or even when they spell names wrong. “It adds a personable touch to the experience” said Briana Hearn, a GMC junior.

Because of this, Starbucks is likely still to grow with the generations as a staple of teenage society.