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SLCs. Should You Be Worried?

Student Led Conferences (SLCs) are a major part of GMC culture. SLCs happen twice a school year: at the end of first quarter and the end of third quarter. For some of you, this is your first SLC. You may be worried about how it will turn out. For others, you have been doing them for a while now and you know how they work. If you are like me, they are still nerve racking, but you shouldn't be worried.

Let's begin with the simple information: SLCs are coming next week, October 18 and October 19. Your parents sign up in an email sent from your Blazer Block teacher. If your parent(s) sign up for a Thursday appointment, you do not have to come to school on Friday at all. Uniforms are required during SLCs, even on Friday. However, if your parent signs up for a Friday appointment, you only have to come to school for your SLC. SLCs last about 30 minutes or less.

SLCs exist to help you, your parent(s), and your Blazer Block teacher understand what courses you are struggling in and what courses you are excelling in. When you go to your SLC, you have to bring a "grow" and a "glow." A grow is a grade from a class you need to strengthen, whether it be a test, a quiz, a paper, or even a homework assignment. A glow is a grade from a class you scored high on, examples being the same as the latter. These grades can come from any course, including college courses. Also, your service hour sheets (with any hours that you currently have) are taken up during your SLC.

SLCs are nothing to fret over. They are simple, easy, and there to help you understand things you need to work on. There are many throughout your high school year, at least here at GMC. SLCs are not there to criticize you, but to help you, so you shouldn't worry. Take it from me.