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Senior Banners

Do you plan to play a sport for senior year? Do you not like having your picture taken? Well, you may have seen the sports banners hanging in the learning commons for the seniors. Some of them may look awkward, but how do the seniors really feel?

Christian Boulton, who plans to play soccer in the spring, said “In my opinion, it honors the seniors. Everyone knows all that they have to balance with classes, work, senior project/work, and sports in the case of the ones that get a banner.”

Another senior, Katie Montgomery, also said "I like them."

Honor and dignity. Two aspects held very close to the school’s name and legacy. Yet, there is one team that is out of luck, or in luck as some may see it.

The fishing team seems to never be recognized by many school events and that includes the senior banners. “I’d never really noticed that they didn’t get any, but now that [yo]u mention it, they probably should,” Christian Boulton stated.

When asked whether he considers the fishing team to be a sports team, Mr. Lowman unequivocally stated “yes.”

Have they, or even will they, ever be recognized for what they do?

This reporter hopes to see more recognition for the team in the future, and a good place to start is by giving them banners.