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An Uncommon Drinking Experience

11 brave students made the ultimate sacrifice. Their throats will never be the same again. Those students drank four unique sodas that changed there lives: Del Frutal, Iron Beer (not beer), Materva, and Jupina.

Del Frutal had chunks of Pineapple in it, which made some of the volunteers uneasy, but they did not back down. When it came time to test the soda, the brave 11 raised their "glasses" to their lips Then drank the liquid. The reactions of the courageous volunteers were priceless.

Some coughed, others exclaimed "that's too sweet," one said "that wasn't bad," and another asked "are you sure that's not some kind of baking thing?" Overall, however, each volunteer found the drink to be very interesting.

Next up was the Iron Beer (not beer). Just the name of this drink caused each of the volunteers, and their supervisor, to be uneasy. "Someone should probably look up what that means," one volunteer suggested but, once again, they pushed through the clouds of doubt. When it came time to consume this liquid, the brave 11 did not hesitate and drank all two ounces.

"What was inside of that?" One of the 11 pondered aloud upon recovery.

"THAT WAS TERRIBLE!" All but a couple exclaimed, one of which drank the rest.

After the previous liquid, the volunteers were more than willing to erase the after taste in their mouths by consuming the next drink, which was quickly decided to be Materva. This drink was also not welcomed because it was said to look like jello and smell like licorice. "This is sweet tea but a soda!" One volunteer said.

"This is a disgrace!" Another exclaimed.

Pretty much everyone agreed that Materva was the worst one yet. Yet again, one more than willing volunteer drank the rest.

The final soda that the volunteers tasted was Jupina. One volunteer stated, "I drink this one all the time," which put everyone else at ease. After the last drink, this one could not be any worse. Finding themselves to have nothing left to lose, the brave 11 raised their "glasses" for the last time. After the last drop had been downed, one volunteer said, "I love this drink."

"Yeah, that one's good," another stated.

The majority gave this drink a thumbs up.

Overall, this activity was a fun, exhilarating, and exciting to partake in. Everyone had a great time and did not get hurt in the process. If asked, they would probably volunteer to do it again in a heartbeat.

*No alcohol was consumed in the process of this activity.