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Colby Denne, A Real Athlete

Colby Denne, currently a senior, is one of the hardest working students at GMC. Juggling homework, hockey, and sleep must have been something only he can handle.

When asked how many hours per week he dedicated to hockey, he stated "20 hours," which did not include the amount of time he spent travelling to events, which could sum up to over 12 hours a week. Sometimes, we would travel to Charleston both Friday and Saturday for games, Colby said. He continued, stating that he once had to travel to Pennsylvania.

Why so much time? Colby was on two teams. One national team and one high school team. The national team was fourth in the nation; the high school team, second in state.

On top of all that, Colby had and has the responsibility of being assistant captain of both teams on his shoulders. Colby Denne is one serious athlete.