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School Goals for GMC

Hello, Blazers!

We as students aren't the only ones with ambitious future goals. GMC has some goals for the next few years! We hope to write about how you can get involved and help us achieve these milestones.

Smaller passenger buses: We want more buses for athletic events, field trips, etc. This will be extremely beneficial to the school!

More after-school clubs and activities: Who else wants more clubs and activities? We might never get football, but we all want more options!

Website improvements: We could do better...

More fine arts options: I love all the sports we have, but we have no outlet to let our fine art talents out! Many of us play instruments, dance; we should find a way to express our talents at our school!

Better teacher to student ratio: I think we're pretty good students, but it can overwhelming for teachers to have to look out for so many Blazers.

Blazer Block improvements: We can always improve BB by getting announcements about school, becoming aware of events, and becoming more engaged with the Blazer Block teacher and asking questions.

Grading scale changes (such as the 80% rule): Please, please, please... I know my fellow students stress about this as much as I do.

Excited about our school goals? Find a way to get involved! Participate in school events and fundraisers, and ask Student Government associates on how you can help out!