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The ONLY Couple Costumes

These are the only couple costumes you are allowed to wear. Whether you are romantically involved or just friends, these are the only ones. I don't make the rules.

1. Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy

Classic. Senior icons. American heroes. Our generation's finest role models. Potential Halloween costume but, for couples, incredible.

2. Moth and Lamp

Oh, haha. Get it? From the internet, you see. Current. Hip. Romantic. I don't know where to get a moth suit.

3. Shrek and Fiona

The very image of an ideal marriage. Proof that even the most beautiful are disgusting, and that the ugliest can be kinda okay. Happy ever after.

4. Horse with Two Butts™

A humorous spin on an old classic; the two person horse costume, but with two butts! Head placement may be an issue, but my readers are resourceful, I'm sure. Artist's rendering by Aidan Burke.

5. Jack and Sally

Nightmare Before Christmas is literally the best movie period, not just the best Halloween movie. Mr. and Mrs. Halloween, right here. If I don't see one of costume of these two, I'll scream. And not in the good, spooky way.

6. Penguin and Puffle from Club Penguin

Club Penguin is the most intense video game experience ever manufactured by mere mortals. Look how cool these dudes are. Disregard the fact that someone has to be the "pet" in this scenario.

7. Horse with Two Heads

A humorous spin on a humorous spin of an old classic; the reflected horse, but with two heads! Head placement is much easier. On the contrary, tandem movement may be an acquired talent. Artist's rendering by Aidan Burke