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Will you be my Sadies man?

1. Christian Short and Taylor Belue: Since I'm your #1 fan, will you be my Sadies man?

Pro tip: always check the dimensions of an Amazon piñata before ordering. "[N]ot sure why a 7 x 7 pinata is a thing," Taylor told fellow senior Maddie Buisch. "[B]ut I sure did order one."

2. Jared Fisher and Madelene Williams: I know this is cheesy, but Sadies?

"Madelene," Jared said. "I need you to do me a huge favor and ask me to Sadie's."

3. CJ Cantrell and Lydia Oehrig: Since I'm your #1 fan, will you be my Sadies man?

"[T]his quarterback is all mine," Lydia said.

4. Colby Denne and Emily Jennings: Going with you would be like winning the Stanley Cup... Sadies?

Emily said she "can't believe he actually said yes!"

5. Austin Farkas and Victoria Whitlock: "You're the one that I want... ooh - ooh - ooh" for Sadies. -Grease

6. Anderson Kirkland and Belle Lewis: To my favorite MUSKETEER, sorry this sign is so EXTRA. You're the best option in the MILKY WAY. I'll fall to PIECES if you say no. So please don't SNICKER when I ask... Sadies?

7. Luke Hall and Sarah Mickinkle: Bring your epipen, because Sadies will be nuts.

8. Blake Trusty and Jayden Schading: Please don't SNICKER at this NERD'S attempt to ask you to dance. It would SUCKer if a 100 GRAND like you said no to a SWEET-TART like me. I would travel the MILKY WAY to have a WHOPper of fun with you. So by my TOOTSIE at Sadies?

9. Carter Moore and Olivia Rendo: I'm stepping up to the plate. Will you swing with me at Sadies?

10. Jose Tutman and Olivia Kissinger: We may have won most DRAMATIC, but let's cut the DRAMA and go to Sadies?

11. Trevor Nelson and Eliana Boone: Sadies?