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A Love Letter to My Wife

We first met in eighth grade Algebra, but we didn’t talk much. Then we were in Creative Writing together, where I tried to impress her but she didn’t notice. She’s the kind of cool you want to be near. She’s mysterious and smarter than you and kind and she speaks when she means what she says. Compliments from her are like the sun breaking through an overcast sky. She smiles at you when she’s proud. She grabs your hand when she loves you. At night, when you can’t sleep and she can hear the worry in your mind, she doesn’t ask what’s wrong. She just reaches out and tells you it’s okay. She remembers every detail of your lives together, and she builds the world you share. What miracles will she bring to the rest of my life? What miracles she’s already performed. Each person who meets her will be changed by her. She’s the best person I have ever known, and five years ago today, she married me. Happy anniversary.

Photo and note from @cameronbcook.