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"Ocean Eyes" by Billie Eilish

Hello, Blazers!

The last Blazer Breakdown was about the song "Blackbird" by The Beatles. This month, I'm taking a completely different route- unto the raspy and beautiful voice and mind of Billie and Finneas Eilish.


Billie's brother Finneas had a band when Billie was in her teens. He wrote the song "Ocean Eyes" and she (Billie) fell in love with it. She began to sing it, and soon recorded it. Her dance instructor wanted Billie to preform a dance to it, so she decided to post it to SoundCloud in order for her instructor to have easy access to it. It went viral over night. Billie was only 14 when she became famous for her song Ocean Eyes!

Lyric Meaning:

(Verse 1)

I've been watching you For some time Can't stop staring at those oceans eyes Burning cities and napalm skies Fifteen flares inside those ocean eyes Your ocean eyes

Billie uses such vivid imagery to put an idea in your mind about these 'eyes' that she's obsessed with. More than anything else, you can see how some of the symbolism used is 'burning cities' 'fifteen flares' 'napalm skies'. She's saying that she loves that person- "I've been watching you/For some time-" but they are dangerous. Napalm is used in bombs and flamethrowers. Burning cities and flares aren't exactly safe and inviting, yet somehow she's drawn to them.


No fair You really know how to make me cry When you gimme those ocean eyes I'm scared I've never fallen from quite this high Falling into your ocean eyes Those ocean eyes

I think the first verse is a reflection of the chorus. The chorus is really communicating the same idea, that the ocean eyes draw Billie in and that they are not good to be around. I think it's talking about her fear of love, that she's afraid of falling in love with this person and then having this person be able to hurt her easily.

(Verse 2)

I've been walking through A world gone blind Can't stop thinking of your diamond mind Careful creature made friends with time He left her lonely with a diamond mind And those ocean eyes

Although this person creates a fear in Billie, he understands her in a way the rest of the word doesn't, "I've been walking through/A world gone blind/Can't stop thinking of your diamond mind." Diamonds are usually considered perfect, strong, and beautiful stones. It's symbol of what Billie thinks of this person's mind/personality. This person has become more like that through time, that time favors him-"Careful creature made friends with time." I think in the next two stanzas Billie is trying to communicate that this person doesn't let time bother him anymore, and maybe he left a part of himself behind with time. "He left her lonely with a diamond mind/And those ocean eyes."

I hope you enjoyed this Blazer Breakdown! Please email me and make suggestions for next month's issue: Thanks!