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Teachers' Pets

Olive Cook

"This is Olive. She is a beagle, lab mix. She is three years old. She is the best dog who ever lived."-Mr. Cook

Big Sam and Little Sam Timanus

"Meet Sam & Sam Timanus. Big Sam (Black German Sheppard age 11) and Little Sam (White Cockapoo age 12). Both dogs are females and the little one is the boss! Mrs. Timanus had the German Sheppard when she met her husband Blake who had Sam the Cockapoo!" -Mrs. Timanus

Libby Schonar

"My cat's name is Libby ("the Libster")...she is a tortoise shell Maine Coon who loves watching the neighborhood through the window, sleeping right under my chin, and killing any bugs that get inside. She sometimes makes poor choices, like climbing up Christmas trees, running through the house in the early mornings, and chewing up home decor, but I love her anyway. Her favorite thing to watch on TV is basketball (she likes to chase the ball across the screen), and she is notorious for leaving piles of hair everywhere and pouncing on people when they least expect it. She's basically the best animal ever...just ask Mrs. Rouse." -Mrs. Schonar

Buddy Rouse

"This is Buddy Rouse. He is a rescue dog (Maltese Pekingese Mix). In the morning, he gets on the couch when it is time for me to leave for school. It is like he is dismissing me so that he can go back to sleep. In the afternoon, I open the door to find Buddy lazily stretching. I am jealous of Buddy; can you tell? Another funny behavior that he has is after he gets a haircut. Buddy pouts! When we get home, he runs into my son's bedroom, hides under the bed, and refuses to come out." -Mrs. Rouse

Booger Gault

"This is my booger, Poe. He was found under my friend's house over the summer. I gave him to my husband for his birthday because he had said how he missed having a black cat. Since June, Poe has been our baby and we wouldn't know what to do without him!" -Mrs. Gault

Mollie Brown and Beulah Mae Lowman

Mollie and Beulah are both seven years old (until November 23 when Beulah will be 8). Beulah is related to Sophia by blood and Anabelle by adoption. Anabelle and Sophia are the new sisters to Mr. Lowman, as they have been adopted by his mother. They are happy little girls who love to dress up!

This is Mr. Gallion's Dog...