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One for the Books

Spirit Week 2018 was one for the books. After eight days packed full to the rim with memory making events, the Blazer family raised $45,865.18, "the most we have raised in GMC history," said @gmc.yearbook.

"They did it!" Ms. Looper said. She is "so proud of [GMC StuGo] and all their hard work this week! It definitely paid off! Y’all did amazing this week! They fought exhaustion, rain, and cold and exceeded their goal! Future Stu[G]os have a lot to live up to!"

"45,865.18 WOW," said senior Claudia Darnell. "i’m so proud of every single one of my best friends this week. We all worked harder than ever before and it sure did pay off. I love my blazers so much and i’m so glad that this was my last one, because it sure was the best one."

"what an amazing week!!! um i mean sweek!!!" Cora Runion said. "congrats to every blazer who helped contribute to that whopping $45,000!!!!! so proud!!!! even though i could not be there the last day, i pretty much screamed with you all as soon as heard our total!!!"

"we are so very proud of our blazers for such an amazing spirit week!" Said @gmcladyblazersbball. "and we are super proud of our very own basketball players AND stugo members which includes Dakota Jones, Cora Runion, Sara Kate Alexander, and Kierstyn Winecoff. Very proud of your hard work this week ladies! we love you lots!"

"Oh my goodness!!!! I am so incredibly proud of my blazers!" Said senior Dakota Jones. "I had a week full of fun and exhaustion, but I am so happy that my senior year sweek was the best one yet! I love my school and I’m especially glad be a part of the greatest group of friends on StuGo! Thanks GMC you are so great!!! Also! I am so thankful for all my seniors and go us for winning the spirit stick!!!"

"What #asweekofwishes!!!" Said @greermiddlecollege. "Congratulations GMC for an amazingly successful Spirit Week! Thank you to all our sponsors, students, parents, and community members that made this possible! We are so excited to give to [Make a Wish] to assist in granting a wish to a local deserving individual. Looking forward to granting wishes around campus as well as we continue to make improvements to our beautiful home. It’s a great day to be a Blazer!"

"To say that a #asweekofwishes was a success would be a HUGE understatement," Mrs. Bailey said. "I am so incredibly proud of [GMC StuGo] for their relentless pursuit of their goal of $40,000. Their hardwork doesn’t show in the number on that banner but rather the lives that were changed through [Make a Wish] and [Greer Middle College]. Thank you GMC student body, parents, alums[,] and community members for seeing our passion and vision and helping us not only reach it but exceed it! I’m always proud to be a Blazer but especially proud after this amazing result of hard work, creativity, exhaustion, and never ending enthusiasm for all things Spirit Week!"

"[W]ords could never explain the overwhelming joy & happiness & excitement & spirit & adrenaline & passion that this week brought to my life. (all of this along with exhaustion & tears & occasional frustration)," said senior Taylor Belue. "but these people, the people I have grown with & worked along side for the past few months (and some for the past three years), the people that I love, the people that give me something to look forward to each and everyday that I see them. they worked tirelessly, endlessly, and passionately this week. $45,865.18 later, we know that we have made a difference & we will continue to make a difference. it is sad to think that this is the last sweek I will have a part in planning & that this is the last year I will be a part of [GMC] [StuGo], but I know with a full heart that we have done our part, we did it well, and the best is yet to come."

See below for details on how the rest of the sweek went.

Blazer Court

Maddi Rainey: $0.00

Jose Tutman: $0.00

Claire Hall: $319.59

Aaron Boone: $698

Ellie Donovan: $750

Emma Moore: $1,455.17

Morgan Summey: $1,701


The "class of ‘19 swishes finally came true," senior Taylor Belue said, when our 12th grade Lady Blazers "finally got our hands on a winner’s trophy," said senior Claudia Darnell.

Pancake Breakfast

Yard Sale

Tree Planting

25 trees were successfully planted by a crowd of volunteers.

Blazer BBQ Dinner

Mr. Crawford made a personal donation of $1500 for new student computers for the GMC Learning Commons. Thanks to him and our Blazer BBQ attendees, we received $6,300 of the $18,000 we need for 25 computers.

Sock Hop Sadies

Movie Night

Those in attendance watched Space Jam.

Art & Talent Show

Art 1st Place: Roxi Stefanacci

Talent 1st Place: Ethan Comley & Emily Jennings

Talent 2nd Place: Abbey & Cora Runion

Talent 3rd Plan: Megan Cluck

Emily Jennings said that she is "so honored to win [first] place in the [GMC] talent show last night!" In addition to gratitude to Ethan for being "the [Raoul] to [her] [Christine]," Emily extends "congrats to all of the other amazingly talented people who participated! we put on a fantastic show!!!"

Student Ambassadors won the lip-sync battle, but said that they are so "proud of everyone who performed...!! Your art, talent, and confidence are OUTSTANDING!! Special shoutout to [GMC StuGo] who ROCKED!!"


Seniors Aston Harreld and Jennings Harley won.

Corn Hole Tournament

Skate Night

According to Maddie Pott, Skate Night was "just more fun."


People's Choice: Christian Short

Mr. Congeniality: Christian Short

Mr. Freshman: Josh Corey

Mr. Sophomore: Allen Kuria

Mr. Junior: Daniel Axmann

Mr. Senior: Austin Farkas

Mr. GMC: Jared Fisher

"It took [four] years but I finally got that dub," Jared said.

Pep Rally

Tug-o-War Winner: Juniors

Chant Winner: Juniors

Hand on the Bus

Participants of GMC's first ever Hand on the Bus completed activities like blowing up a balloon, throwing and catching a frisbee, running a lap around the bus, playing rock-paper-scissors, eating a suspended donut, and jumping over a stick all while maintaining contact with the bus.

3rd Place Winner: Matthew Mitchel

2nd Place Winner: Austin Farkas

1st Place Winner: Olivia Kissinger

Alumni Basketball Game

Both current Blazer basketball teams won the game. The seniors won the Spirit Stick. The final total added up to be $45,865.18. $5,000 over our goal of $40,000.

Earlier this week Maddie Buisch somehow found the time to write a college essay. Mama Bailey, who had to help Maddie because she was at a loss, picked the topic “what is something that makes you lose all track of time?” and encouraged Maddie to write about Student Government. So there she was, in Chick-fil-A, "cranking out" pages on StuGo in the middle of her favorite week of the year. "[T]o say it was emotional is an understatement;" Maddie said. "[I] cried a bunch just thinking about it all."

Flash forward a couple of days, and she and her fellow StuGo members were standing in Eastside Aux Gym, moments before they unrolled the final Spirit Week total. "[I] took a look around at the faces right next to me and to the left and right of me and was overwhelmed with joy and extreme love for the people around me." Maddie said. They work hard and tirelessly. They encourage and build up. They are fun, inspiring, and strong. They are good hearted and kind spirited. They all deserve the world, but choose to serve those around them daily.

"[I] love them deeply and [I] am so proud of our hard work," Maddie said. $45,865.18 is an incredible number for a school our size and it couldn’t have been done without the help of our parents, teachers, community, and school. "[T]hank you thank you thank you," Maddie said. She's "never been prouder to be a [B]lazer." Greer Middle College "is HOME and [Maddie is] lucky to share it with so many people [she loves]."

And so ends the busiest, craziest, most rewarding week of a Blazer's life. Now, in the words of Mama Bailey, it's time "for an endless amount of sleep."