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Top 5 Strongest Guys

Do you think you are strong? Here is a list of the strongest guys at GMC who I could gather. These names are in no particular order; mainly because I have not been able to measure these guys' strength.

1. Braedan Grissom

I bet that you would have never thought of him (mainly because he is a placeholder). But he stands a chance. Once, I heard that he killed a turkey with his bare hands. And a shovel.

2. Luke Black

One of the friendliest dudes at GMC. But don't get him angry, because no one has seen him angry.

3. Ben Walkden

It would be insulting if I didn't put him on here. Ben spends quality time at the gym, making him one of the most dedicated of the group.

4. Steitler Buisch

The GMC vice president who can defend the president and sister as a bodyguard. He stands as the Thor of GMC. No need for any hammer.

5. Colby Denne

I wouldn't be surprised if Colby was the strongest in this group.

This list is short, and it may be wrong. Do you know of any stronger guys? Email me at