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Opinion: Projection Inspection

Within the past month, a new projecting system has been implemented in most classrooms at GMC. While not having a better display than a normal projector, these new gadgets allow one to draw on the computer by using a special pen on the projected screen. Truly a marvel of modern technology.

Yet there is no blade that will not also cut it's wielder. Installation of these new gizmos has had more than its fair share of bumps and bruises. This is to be expected with any type of transition into more advanced technology, of course.

The new projectors seem perfectly competent, if not for one rather unfortunate flaw. These projectors are connected to teacher's computers via wifi. Tragic. This results in videos being off sync, from a half second to an appalling 3 seconds. This can be avoided with a cable connecting the projector to the computer being used as a display, an option some teachers are trying.

It would seem overall there are no substantial flaws with these new projectors. Another success by our technology department, and another improvement to our learning capabilities.