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Top 10 Things That Today's Kids Will Never Know

Do you ever ask yourself, "Will today's kids even be able to make it in this tough world?" Well, the simple answer is no. There's a logical explanation for this. They are missing some of the most crucial things a child can have in their life:

10. 2000's Music

A seemingly broad topic but I can assure you that the minute a 2000's kids hears one of the following songs they will be transported back in time.

Best Songs from the 2000's

"Poker Face" by Lady Gaga

"Bad Romance" by Lady Gaga

"Hey Soul Sister" by Train

"I've Got A Feeling" by The Black-Eyed Peas

9. Littlest Pet Shop

I remember the big eyes of the different oddly intricately detailed. the way the plastic almost felt soft. The smell of the soft plastic, though only a hazy memory, is a memory I will always have. The really weird sets that housed our little plastic buddies. The peak of my collector experience.

8. Polly Pockets

The iconic tiny dolls that made my childhood (and many more) the best. The wide array of clothes made me feel like I was the most powerful being. It also made me think that a skirt over jeans looked good, which is unfortunate.

7. Lite-Brites

When I was younger I didn't know how to use a Lite-Brite, so I never got the full experience. I still think about Lite-Brites everyday.

6. Ryan's

Does anyone remember how it felt to walk into a Ryan's? The absolute power you held over that buffet, with so many different foods. Looking back it was very suspicious, but overall another dimension. Not to mention that all of the Ryan's in existence just disappeared one day. Very strange, 1/10.

5. Bionicles

A beacon of hope that I can never reach. It reminds me of the love of a brother that I will never feel again. Just a memory that gets blurrier everyday, yet I sit here at peak contentment.

4. Mario Kart for the Wii

The amazing graphics, the ability to choose your own character, the jaunty music, the stellar race tracks. Everything about this game is perfection and it will always be a staple in any 2000's kids' life.

3. The Boomerang Channel and all of the Cartoons

The iconic cartoons that inspired many of my failed japes as a child. The fun, colorful cartoons that have shaped us in the people we are today. I can only remember these cartoons as blurry, still images, but it's enough to keep me content.

This image alone awakens a mixtape of nostalgia and quirky music.

2. Classic Disney Shows

Disney Channel has gone downhill since they retired their best shows. It's so unfortunate. Here's a list of some of the best classic Disney shows.

The Best, Classic Disney Channel Shows that are Gone, but Never Forgotten

1.Hannah Montana

2. The Suite Life of Zack and Cody

3. Suite Life on Deck

4. A.N.T. Farm

5. Good Luck Charlie

6. Fish Hooks

1. Webkinz

The crem dela crem of the 2000's. The apex childhood hobby of Generation Z. The absolute joy of buying a new Webkinz at Cracker Barrel and just itching to log it into your account. The feeling of superiority when you buy a new room. The pure bliss of playing all of the games at the arcade. The daily activities that kept you coming back for more everyday. It was the first taste of parenthood and responsibility that I ever had. 10/10, would recommend, even now.