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Senior Project Spotlight

Learning Drums & Producing an Album - Justin Welling

Justin learned how to play the drums and produced a Christian genre CD named Reverence featuring seven original songs and five covers (listed below). If you would like a copy of Justin’s CD, contact him directly.

1. I Can Only Imagine - Mercy Me

2. Great I Am - New Life Worship

3. Glorious Day - Casting Crowns

4. Praise - Justin Welling

5. You're Everything - Justin Welling

6. Afraid No More - Justin Welling

7. The Father's Love - Justin Welling

8. Blood So Pure - Justin Welling

9. Faith From Above - Justin Welling

10. Forevermore - Justin Welling (Ft. Emily Smith)

11. Scandal of Grace - Hillsong UNITED

12. Reckless Love - Cory Asbury

Internship at Greer Cultural Arts Council - Taylor Belue

Taylor got to go the Need More center to do a Christmas craft with their after school students.

Writing & Illustrating a Children’s Book - Emma Harvey

Emma started the year by taking a six-week illustration course with illustrator Tim Davis in order to learn the skills necessary to self-publish a book about Bear!

Internship at Grace Church - Christian Boulton

Christian learned about what goes on behind the scenes at a church.

Underwater Photography - Cole Mulcahy

Cole took his skills on the road over fall break and went on a Drift Dive in Mexico!

Internship at Greenville Zoo - Haley Bennett

Haley got to take care of exotic animals.

Eco-Friendly Business - Abbey Runion & Sarah Claire Mullis

Abbey and Sarah Claire are local artists who created their own business called The Earthen Hearth which supports education, equality, and the environment. Some of their handmade, environmentally friendly products are natural dyed with red clay, beets, turmeric, coffee, & blueberries! They also made headbands, bags, heating/cooling pads, and more! Click here to find out more about them and purchase their products or here to follow them on Instagram.

Building a Graphing Calculator - Caedmon Evans

Caedmon learned the C++ coding language and made a calculator with user input that can solve mathematical equations and graph functions!

Internship at the Pelham Medical Center - Gabe Stoudemayer, Sydney Langley, Madelynn Mathis

"It's the best decision I've ever made in high school," Gabe said. Being at intern at the Pelham Medical Center helped him realize that this is what he wants to do with his life.

Learning to Make Stain Glass - Becca Williams

Becca learned how to cut, foil, solder, and tin glass to make items like the depicted lampshade, an elephant (for which she used the zinc framing technique), and even a kidney!

Internship at Greer Chiropractic - Hannah Leonhardt

Hannah learned the trade of a chiropratic.

Making a SOF Kayak - Luke Black

Luke designed and built a SOF kayak.

Learning to Paint Realistic Landscapes - Luke Newhouse

Luke learned how to blend skies and shadows Bob Ross style.

Training a Therapy Dog - Chloe Tucker

Chloe trained her dog Yeti to be a certified therapy dog! Click here to see the process.

Internship at Davis Orthodontics - Morgan Summey

Morgan learned the trade of an orthodontist and created a tutorial on how to care for your braces. Click here to check it out.

Building a Wind Turbine - Jared Christopher

Jared built a wind turbine for which he welded custom rotor blades. During Showcase, he used a leaf blower to turn his device which produced energy to power his phone.

Building an ROV - Victor Carson

Victor learned how to program, wire, and build a Remote Operated Underwater Vehicle that includes a camera and lights and is controlled by an Arduino 2560, which effects the robot through a neutral wire tether which is connected to a computer.

Learning American Sign Language to Interpret Worship Music- Tristen Thomas

Tristen's product was to interpret 10, three-minute worship songs (five of which she came prepared to sign and five that her graders picked off of playlist of 30) and two services (four songs each), making the total songs she learned 43 and in doing so learned a great deal of the language. Click here to see her practice videos.

Internship at Pelham Links Dentistry - Sophie Broome

Sophie learned the trade of a dentist.

Learning to Fly - Aston Harreld

Aston became a pilot and gained an impressive knowledge base. From a thorough preflight inspection, to a couple of in-flight touch and gos, to a solid landing, he amazed his graders. Stick with it, Captain, and work with an airline someday!

Becoming a Karate Instructor - Jeremy Woodruff

Jeremy took his karate skills to the next level by becoming and self defense instructor and leading karate classes attended by our very own Blazers!

Blessing Bags - Holan Cartee

Holan held donation drives and packing events to fill over 100 "Blessing Bags" which were then distributed in our community.

Writing a Young Adult Christian Novel - Emily Jennings

Emily Jennings is thrilled to introduce bloom, a novel about a young girl who journeys through her freshman year of high school while balancing her school, home, and social life. Despite the tough times, she continues to keep God first and always trusts in Him. To purchase a copy, contact Emily directly.They are available for $12 and she takes all forms of payment (cash, check, card, venmo, and paypal).

The Art of Culture - Celine Mutzke

Celine created four paintings based off of pictures taken in Germany, Switzerland, Italy, and France & using specific artists’ techniques from each European country. Pictured is Céline working on a painting of the Eiffel Tower through Monet’s technique, Impressionism.