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Perfect Parenting: Is it Possible?

Most parents are often judged by the actions of their children. Although this is not always fair, there are certain attributes that parents should have to effectively raise their kids. We complied some of these attributes for you to indulge upon.

According to research, there are four main types of parenting. The parenting styles are Authoritative, Authoritarian, Permissive, and Neglectful. The main focus in each one is the level of responsiveness and empathy. Authoritative parents are high responsiveness and low empathy. Authoritarian is high responsiveness and high empathy. Permissive is low responsiveness and high empathy, and Neglectful is low responsiveness and low empathy. Can you guess which one was said to be the best? Authoritarian parenting! Giving kids high discipline and a high emotional response is the best for them in the long run. How can you achieve that when kids can be hard to deal with? You must parent your children, not the other way around!

A way to practice Authoritarian parenting is by setting good boundaries for your kids. Several parents are also unaware as to how to set effective and accurate boundaries. We'll give you an example. When your teenager starts going to parties, you should tell him/her what consequence will be set in place if she breaks curfew beforehand. This way, she/he will be more likely to be compliant and not complain when a consequence is set in place. You can use this strategy with multiple things. You can set boundaries with communication, effective behavior, and more.

In order to be an effective parent, it is important to have effective traits. The most effective traits in parents are love, respect, grace, forgiveness, gratitude, adaptability, and intentionality.

-Love: It's important to love your child. It sounds simple, but sometimes taking the time to love your child and let them know that you love them improves your relationship with them.

-Respect: As vital as it is for your child to respect you, parents can forget to respect their children. It's important to have a good relationship when they get older and move out!

-Grace & Forgiveness: Every effective parent puts themselves in their child's shoes. We will all make mistakes, right? It's important to remember that when they do something you don't like.

-Gratitude: When your child does do a good job being a kid, thank them for it! Motivation to be a better person is key for your kids.

-Adaptability: Your child is going to go through big life changes, right? Maybe you're a parent of a freshmen, you have to let them have a bit of freedom. How are they supposed to make friends?

-Intentionality: When having conversations, going and doing things together... have good intentions! Make your time alone with your kids count. This helps bring you both closer together. Also, be intentional about setting boundaries and disciplining your children.

Lastly, we acquired our least favorite pet peeves with poor parenting. Some of them being: letting your kids run around and scream, a child pitching a fit without discipline, enabling your child to get anything they want from the store, technology at the table, and giving your child everything they want. We think that this world would be a better place if parents avoided these.