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The Inseparable Duo

If you go to GMC, you have probably seen Laura (Roxy) Stefanacci and Victoria (Tori) Whitlock walking down the hallways talking and laughing. I wanted to get to know their relationship more, so I asked them a few questions:

Where/when did you meet?

"Our friendship all began when we met in late August on the deck of the trailer park our freshman year. We both had a mutual friend, Dylan Suttles, that introduced us at lunch one day in first quarter."

What do you guys usually do when you hangout? "Most of the time when we have hung out together, we talk about anything and everything. Many of the times that both of us have met up, it was at Tori's house."

How long have you known each other?

"We have been friends for three years now, thanks to Dylan."

What is your favorite thing to do with each other?

"We have done so many things together, it is very hard to say. To list a few: attending church, sleepovers, chasing cats, going to Ross in Cherrydale, and going to the Whitlock's grandparents' houses. To elaborate, there is a large number of cats around Tori's house. On multiple occasions, we would go outside and Tori and her sisters would hunt down the kittens."