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Opinion: GMC: My Grievances

Greer Middle College Charter High School. Greer. Middle. College. Charter. High. School. GMC is a good school, an amazing school, no doubt. I, however, am not an amazing person, so I will complain. Also please do not take my complaints seriously, this is for entertainment purposes only. All of my arguments are jokes, I am not this ungrateful.

There are many things that I have to complain about with this school. They are not major things, just minor aspects that I have noticed. I have sat on some of these things since last year, when the school was built. There are other aspects that have just recently come up. A few examples of these aspects are the sidewalk to the college, the lack of a cafeteria, and the overall look of the school. 

The sidewalk that leads to the student parking lot, on the way to the college, is a new addition to the school. It seems like a great idea at first, the hill before was steep and almost impossible to get down without tripping. Do not even try to go down that hill a day after it rained, unless you want to slip and witness your life flashing before your eyes. The sidewalk sounds like a good idea, and it looks better than an ugly hill. Then, you walk down, the steepness of the sidewalk only becoming visible as you have already started your trek down. The hill is so steep that the smooth sidewalk makes it slightly more difficult. Personally, I would like a staircase there instead, but alas, there are safety codes that kept that from happening. Exiting the building if there is a fire, or other emergency situations make the hill the best idea for our school. So never fear! There is a good reason for the ramp.

Not everyone complains about the lack of a cafeteria, or at least not from what I have heard, so I will make up for everyone. I can hear you saying, "Why don't you just eat inside?" Well, my friend, it is not that simple. The "cafeteria" is the size of a slightly larger than normal classroom. The tables are packed together, the chairs constantly scooting against each other. It is a very crowded and anxiety-inducing situation. A cafeteria, or even a larger room, would be better for our eating arrangement. Of course there is not anything really wrong with our cafeteria and patio, this is just me griping for my own sake.

My last complaint is with the overall look of the school. GMC has a very specific look, it does not look like a traditional school, but it does at the same time. The walls are a big part of the GMC look for me, traditional schools have walls with thick cinder-blocks that are painted with paint, but thicker paint. The design of the school is another feature of the school that makes me uncomfortable, but not uncomfortable to know that I am uncomfortable. The main center of the school and the four arms that branch out from the brain of the school. Most schools have too many hallways that make you think that they should have less hallways. GMC does not have enough hallways, and they make you think that there should be more hallways. GMS definitely has as nontraditional design and overall look.

In conclusion, GMC has some nontraditional features that really set it apart from other high schools. Such as the sidewalk to the college, the fact that we do not have a cafeteria, and the overall look of the school. I know that this article comes across as very negative, but it is all for fun, there is no negativity intended here. This is just a foolish child rambling about all of her thoughts. GMC is a good school, peculiar, but a very good school overall.