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Get Ready for Puppy Bowl XV

February is right around the corner, and every American knows what that means. It's time to load up on snacks, park it in front of the TV, and watch some good ol' Rough and Tumble Sports™. Quick question: do you even watch the Super Bowl? Don't bother answering, you don't and I know it. Why would you ever watch a group of millionaires throw around a ball when you could look at puppies?

Since 2005, the Puppy Bowl has brought incredible joy and heart warmth to millions. For two hours, Animal Planet televises puppies playing with each other in a mock stadium. If you have never seen this program, I apologize. Watch it. No warmblooded human should go without it.

Puppy Bowl XV is airing on Sunday, February 3rd, but the time is yet to be announced. Below is the promotional video released by Animal Planet for Puppy Bowl XV. Unfortunately no official lineup has been disclosed, but we can assume that the puppies featured will play in the game.

Don't forget! Sunday, February 3rd. This program will change your life.