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Make A Wish For Blazers

Student Government and the student body did a fantastic job setting an all time high of money raised during Spirit Week 2018, but now members of the Blazer Nation are wondering how that money is being used to better life at Greer Middle College. Mr. Crawford shared this information during an interview on Tuesday, November 27.

"Made someone's wish," Mr. Crawford said, "that's the first thing we were obligated to." We do not know what wish was granted to whom, but Mr. Crawford said that Make A Wish will tell us when StuGo presents the foundation with the check. "That'll be good for us to know that we've done some good and gave something back to the community," Mr. Crawford said. "But then there's some things on our list that had been identified." And some of it has been taken care without having to use Spirit Week money.

The Sidewalk

The new sidewalk was donated by Mr. John Short. "He wanted to do something for the school," Mr. Crawford said. "He'd already pledge some funding to the capitol campaign and wanted to know if he could just go ahead and use part of that pledge to do the walkway 'cause we needed one."

The ENO Village

The village "is ready to come to reality," Mr. Crawford said. The last piece needed to solve this puzzle is a check in system to manage the hammocks which Student Ambassadors are in the process of finalizing. "Of course, we haven't had real good weather lately to get out there," Mr. Crawford said, "but the spring is gonna be nice to have that."

Outdoor Tables

"Some of the outdoor tables need to be replaced," Mr. Crawford noted, "particularly the high-tops, so we've got four of those on order. They hopefully will be here before we break for the winter holidays."

Learning Commons Updates "The Barbecue raised enough money to start work on the computer area of the commons," Mr. Crawford said, to re-do it with stations and cabinets. "And we're working on refreshing all the computers." It'll be a full lab of 25-26 computers. The other part (that StuGo, the board, one in-the-works grant, and a potential benefactor are helping with) is to put new furniture in the commons area. "Which includes that space in the back area," Mr. Crawford said, "to make it a little more flexible...I think you'd want to maybe look at furniture that's flexible, that you can move it around in different configurations." The three or four chairs in the waiting area by Mrs. Clark's desk are also looking to be redone. "One of the high priorities now with the board and with the new building plan is to come back and really let's do some things we didn't do," Mr. Crawford said. "We finished the landscaping, but we didn't actually refurnish or up the classrooms. So that's high on list for the board, and part of that may come with what we do with the build out with the Activity Center, or gym."

Water Fountains

Water bottle friendly water fountains have been ordered and are being installed outside of the student restrooms, one upstairs and one downstairs.

A Nurse

New cabinets are currently being installed in the the wellness room, or nurse's station. "And I hope to have a nurse in place come first of the year," Mr. Crawford said, "so we have some more support staff."

The Gym

"We've got a proposal to help us redo the debt service (the mortgage, if you think of it like that) we have on this building, but also to build it out that we could do the new gym," Mr. Crawford said. The board approved engaging the architect to go ahead and do the design. A couple of structural engineers (we have one on the board, Ryan Summey) and he thinks that the architect has already some preliminary plans but thinks that he and the other engineers can knock this out in a month, so we would say that'd be all of January. Come back, we have, you know, estimates of what we can build into it, what it may look like, and then we're also trying to partner with the college that they may actually put their Physical Therapy in the center as their training center. So, if they do that, then we get the college as a partner. They're either a tenant, which means they're paying some rental money, or they help us in some other way to do that. So we have to let that run its course. Don't know exactly where that is. But, after the design, then it has to go out for 30-45 days for bids, and then we'll have to select a general contractor to do that." Mr. Crawford says that we might even see construction breaking ground in the summer! "Then the- not next fall, but the following fall, the gym will actually open."