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Apple Music vs. Spotify

Two of the biggest musical platforms in recent years are Apple Music and Spotify. There are mixed emotions involved with both, and as a user of both, I'm here to tell you what's worth your favoritism.

The prices individually are both around ten dollars, so you aren't spending more or less money on one than the other. However, Spotify has a great family plan that is an additional five dollars a month, but you can make 4-5 separate accounts under that plan. Both have a student discount.

Apple Music does have some advantages that Spotify does not. With Apple Music, you can view complete lyrics easily and look at an artists music videos. Apple Music has artists that they feature as well, and you can get exclusive content from some of your favorite creators.

You can make playlists with Apple Music, but those playlists are for personal use. You can't share playlists or follow other users. Spotify has playlists that you can make and share with other people. Spotify also partners with Genius, and will tell you the meaning and the work behind popular songs. Spotify has popular podcasts for you to enjoy as well.

Here's the conclusion: If you want to share music with others, you should choose Spotify! If you like podcasts and Genius, it would be a great outlet for you. You would like Spotify much more. If you like listening to music with your enjoyment in mind, Apple Music is probably better for you. You can view music videos, lyrics, and exclusive content with ease.