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What to Expect When You Are Expecting...A New Gym!

GMC is proud to announce that we have finalized the blueprints for our state-of-the-art gymnasium. The gym will have two levels and include many new and amazing aspects to GMC’s environment, including a covered connector from the current building to the new gym.

The first level will include two basketball courts, an entrance directly from the parking area, and a few sets of bleachers. We will also have a portable stage for the gym for future GMC events. In rooms aside from the main floor on the entrance level, there will be a coaches office, fitness room, girls and boys locker rooms, restrooms, and a concessions stand for our games. According to Mr. Crawford, the concessions area alone is about the size of our current lunchroom.

The big news of the new gym, however, is our new lunchroom. To the side of the new basketball courts, the lunchroom will have four raisable garage style doors to be opened on sunny days. Isn't that awesome!?

The second level of the gym will have amplifiers and a classroom for the Physical Education classes. While the gym already sounds so great, the GMC board of directors and financial committee are still dancing around a few ideas to add to the building.

Mr. Crawford hopes to have the gym built by this time next year and host an Alumni basketball game for the building's big debut.