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The Great Kindness Challenge

What do you get out of this week of kindness?

This event is a lot like spirit week; however, except raising money for the school, we will be donating gloves and socks to the Happy Hands and Happy Feet drive. Then, they will be giving the items to a shelter.

The Great Kindness Challenge is a week dedicated to creating a culture of kindness on campuses nationwide. It will be January 28th through February 1st. Each day will have a specific theme that you can dress down to if you have a pass.

Students can pay $10 to dress down for the week if they pay by Monday at 8 am. After 8:00 a.m. on Monday, it will be $5 per day. Below are the days dress down themes. Standard dress down rules apply: No pajamas and no leggings as lone garments.

  • Monday- Loving Kindness (Everyone wears red)

  • Tuesday- Team Kindness (Wear your favorite team apparel)

  • Wednesday- Peace and Kindness (Dress as a Hippie)

  • Thursday- Super Kindness (Dress as a super hero)

  • Friday- Tied Together by Kindness (Wear a tie or tie-dye

By buying a week pass you will be able to have a movie day on Friday that will begin at 11:30 a.m. Students can pay Ms. Looper or Ms. McCammon.

As a part of the National Great Kindness Challenge, we are having a happy hand and happy feet drive. The grade level that donates the most gloves and socks will win a prize. Dropoff boxes will be in the lobby.

We are also doing a canned food drive to benefit TSA Agents locally. Please drop off these items at the front desk.