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The Job You'll Remember

Everyone has to have a first job at some point in their lives. Most jobs that young teens pick for their first job will teach them responsibility and will leave an impact on their lives. Many of you think of Chick-fil-A or Bi-lo as the best choices for a teen’s first job. These places are more open to allowing students and teenagers to work for their corporation, they are more open to their schedules.

Caedmon Evans, senior, had his first job at Chick-fil-A and is still working there today. One thing that relieved Evans about working, having a job, and school at the same time is how they are able to work with you. “Chick-fil-A has very flexible hours,” Evans said. He also loves how everyone there wants to help you and make you comfortable at work. "[The] community there is very good, [they] have a very encouraging environment and [have] taught me to stay on my toes.” Something that Evans is able to walk away with, that left an impact on his life, would be what they have taught him: "Chick-fil-A has taught me to serve people better.”

Mackenzie Joyce, sophomore, had her first job at the Oriental House as a hostess and server. A reason Joyce enjoyed this job was for how they can work you in with your schedule. “They were very flexible with my hours,” Joyce said. One think she liked is how everyone is there for one another. “I like how they are open to working with you.” Joyce can says she can walk away knowing she learned something new that would help her down the road: “the job taught me how to handle currency.”

Luke Hall, junior, had his first job at Five Below. “I enjoyed it," Hall said, "but I recommend never working in retail during the holiday season!” One thing he can walk away with is knowing he learned something new: "I learned to persevere because there were times where I would work 40 hour weeks and I was very tired but I knew I had to go in.”

All of these teens stepped out of their comfort zone to start their first job. These jobs definitely made an impact in their lives and taught them something they may have never learned. Many of the companies that allowed them to work wanted to see them succeed as a person and learn new skills. Your first job will definitely be one you won’t forget.