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Top 10 Winter Ball Dresses!

Get ready for some of my favorite Winter Ball dresses!

1. Can't go wrong with some pockets. The roses and the sheer are a look!

2. Everyone loves a good backless dress. I love the outlining! Nice choice.

3. That is a classy dress! I love the simplicity of it. You made yourself shine in that dress, not the dress shine on you!

4. This girl has a whole aesthetic! You make the long sleeve under that dress work!

5. Honey, that blue is so complementary to your eyes. That dress is a precious blue!

6. I love the flowers! Its got a nice fit 'n flare to it.

7. Y'all all look bomb, but the jumpsuit with the glitter is amazing. Never too much sparkle, am I right?

8. That red dress is so cute! Both of those dresses seem to reflect your personalities. I like it!

9. Y'all know how I feel about sparkles.

10. We're cute too. :)

Extra: My Favorite Non-dress Photo

Mr. Cook is snazzy all the time!