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The Best Streaming Service

Apple Music



Google Play Music

Groove Music

Amazon Prime Music and Music Unlimited



Of these which is the best? It's time to find out!

First, lets compare the facts about each service.

Apple Music

- Available on both Apple and Android devices

- Offers exclusive content from names like Taylor Swift and Chance the Rapper

- Free Beats 1 radio station that includes interesting shows and interviews form celebrities

- For You personally curated playlists

- On-demand music

$10 per person $15 for families (per month)


- Current king of streaming services (and my personal favorite)

- Discover playlists personally curated based on your listening history

- A catalog of over 30 million songs

- Offers interesting podcast

- Premium comes with no commercials, on demand, and offline music

Offers a free service, and premium for $10 per month individual plan or $15 family plan


- Radio streaming service, allows users to start a radio station based on an artist or genre

- Thumbs up, thumbs down allows Pandora to further narrow to a user's taste

- Family plan offers Our Soundtrack, a playlist based on members listening habits

Free, offers a $5 per month individual and $15 family plan that allows for skips, replays, and offline music

Google Play Music

- No offline music

- On demand music

- Playlist based on mood or activity

- Includes a subscription to YouTube Red

$10 per month individual $15 for families

Groove Music

- Offered by Microsoft, available on Windows 10 PC, Mobile, iPhone, Android, and Xbox

- Offers offline music

- On demand music

- Personally curated playlists in Your Groove section

$10 per month, no family plan offered

Amazon Prime Music and Music Unlimited

- Amazon Prime subscribers automatically gain access to Amazon Prime Music with over one million songs

- Music Unlimited offers over tens of millions of songs ad-free and on demand

- Includes curated playlists based on mood and genre

$8 per month for Amazon Prime members $10 for others, Also offers Echo only option for Amazon Echo owners which allows song play based on lyrics if title is forgotten


- Allows users to curate playlists from music on YouTube


Sound Cloud

- Remixes and indie artists

- Offers free content

- Offers offline, ad-free, and access to full catalog of songs and podcasts option

$10 per month, Mid priced plan is $5 per month, no family plan offered


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Based on a school wide survey, Spotify is GMC's favorite and most used music streaming service. As previously mentioned, it is also my personal favorite, and the one I use. However, I will leave it up to you to decide what your favorite is after you have read the facts.