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Superior Super Bowl Review (The Animal Ones)

This year's Kitten Bowl, Kitten Bowl VI, was a fluffy, feisty, adorable battle to the death. Okay, not to "the death," but it got pretty intense. The Kitten Bowl is different from the Super Bowl, aside from the players being cats. Four teams compete against each other in two preliminary rounds, and the winners of those rounds move on to the final game, all in one day. All kittens in the kitten bowl are up for adoption every year.

This year, the Last Hope Lions and the Little Longtails faced off in the first round. The Last Hope Lions sure did put up a fight, but they were no match for the Little Longtails' ambition and ingenuity. Mr. McWiggles, a player for the Little Longtails, scored the final point which led his team to victory. And so, the Little Longtails took the first step on the path to glory with a score of 24-23.

Round 2 featured the Pouncy Panthers and the Northshore Bengals in a glorious showdown. The Northshore Bengals pulled through on this game, but the competition was rough. The clock was ticking, and with only 30 seconds left, the score was 23-23, the Northshore Bengals pulled through at the last second, making the score 29-23.

The final game kept fans on their toes, or...paws, as the Northshore Bengals and the Little Longtails faced off in the final round. It was a thrilling game, as the points flew back and forth between the teams. For a hot second, it seemed as if the Northshore Bengals had the win in the bag. Unfortunately, they left that day with their tails between their legs. (Actually, I have no idea if they knew they lost. They're cats.) The Little Longtails celebrated their victory with some more skipping around the field, and some players to the liberty to take a nice, long nap. Either way, these kittens got some well-deserved rest.

Davey the one-eyed cat, a player for the Northshore Bengals, stole the viewers' hearts, and he also stole the game. Davey won this year's MVK (Most Valuable Kitten), as well as a spot in everyone's hearts.

Kitten Bowl VI was a huge success, and viewers can't wait until next year.

I know what you're thinking, "Well now what?" Well I can help you with that my friend. Drum roll please! The Cat Bowl! "Didn't we just watch the Cat Bowl?" No, my friend, you did not. You watched the Kitten Bowl, with the young feisty kittens. The Cat Bowl is for our oldies out there, the old cats, that is. The Cat Bowl gives the older cats a chance to be adopted as for the most part, older cats are ignored at the shelters and stay there for years. This was the first Cat Bowl and I hope there are more in the future, as old cats need homes too.

One of the older cats that stuck in my head was Zena. Zena is 15 years old, a prime cat in my opinion. Her old owner died and she was left in the shelter. It is so hard for older cats, like Zena, to get adopted. Everyone wants a cuddly, cute kitten. Zena was placed in a foster home and she was happy for the first time since her owner died. Old cats need love too, and they want to love you just as much. Maybe they are a bit harder to get through to, but when you do it's so rewarding.

Zena was placed as the team captain of the Forget-Me-Not Bobcats. Zena was an excellent addition to the team. She is a very round girl, and she is not afraid to put her teammates in their place. A very good captain indeed.

Not only were there cute, furry creatures on the field, but also on the stage! During the Cat Bowl Halftime, we were visited by Herbie and the Hound-Dogs. A wonderful band, who played excellently. If I may be honest with you for a moment, the producers put peanut butter in strategic places to get the puppies to "play" the instruments. It was very cute, and made me feel warm and fuzzy inside. Nonetheless, Herbie and the gang played a fabulous set, I wish they had done an encore.

At the same time the final game in the Kitten Bowl begins, the Puppy Bowl kicks off. For fifteen years as of Sunday, the Puppy Bowl delivers a fairly similar experience to the Kitten Bowl, but with a miniature slew of differences. While the presence of a capybara, a sloth, three porcupines, and four hamsters is certainly a contrast, the main attraction is that the stars of this game are puppies. This year featured 93 of the furry folks, from shelters in the United States, Costa Rica, and Puerto Rico. 36 of these cantankerous canines have special needs, like vision or hearing impairments.

Every Puppy Bowl is a showdown between Team Ruff and Team Fluff. Fluff walked into this year's game with two consecutive wins under their collars, and all eyes were on Ruff to break the cycle and prove that every dog does have their day.

Ruff started strong with the first score of the game, a touchdown by Emmitt, an aussie cattle and boykin spaniel mix. Fluff followed with a near instant match to Ruff's 7 points. The game went on this way, fast and furious, with a total of 58 points scored in the first half, with Ruff at 28 and Fluff at 30.

After an incredible half-time show by Purr-oon 5, the most prominent all cat band on the global stage, both teams were rested and ready to Marma-duke it out. Fluff was confident in their two point lead, but before they could shake their tail twice, Ruff had run four touchdowns on them, and they had only secured one! This placed Ruff in the lead, the points numbering 56-37. Fluff must have finally shaken off their post-nap drowsiness, because they quickly attempted to save face with two more touchdowns and a field goal by Bumble, which ended their scoring for the day. It was a bit too late, however, Team Ruff had won Puppy Bowl XV with a final score of 59-51.

And while every pooch played a pawsitively electrifying ball game, there's always somepup that shines just a smidge brighter than the rest. The title of MVP (Most Valuable Pup) was set to a public vote on Animal Planet's twitter page, and despite them being on the losing team, the people chose Bumble, a blind and deaf puppy as this year's MVP, the first special needs dog to win the title. Bumble, along with every single puppy that played, got to go home to a new family and live out their retirement from the sport with immense and unshakable pride in a job well done.