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Mrs. Kriese: The New Smiling Face of GMC

I had the opportunity this week to talk to the woman we have all seen smiling and waving in the book room. Her name is Maureen Kriese. She is a new part of the Administrative Team along with Mr. Crawford and Mr. Dillard. Her official title is Learning Specialist. Before GMC, she worked for Legacy Early College Charter School in Greenville. She has also worked as a consultant for the State Department of Education, helping in districts that are struggling and Director for Special Services in Spartanburg District 5.

When asked how she feels about GMC she said, "The teachers are smart, dedicated and creative. It’s obvious that students come first! The students are bright, respectful and eager to learn. GMC is a shining beacon in the world of typical high schools. It’s an honor for me to be part of this community."

Mrs. Kriese has been married for 40 years to Tom Kriese. He is a substitute teacher here at GMC and helps Mr. Frans coach the boy's golf team. She has two children: a son, Mickey, and a daughter, Gretchen. Mickey teaches at Harley Bonds Career Center as the Construction/Carpentry instructor. Gretchen works as a property manager in Simpsonville and her husband is studying genetics at Clemson. She and Tom have two pets: Sophie is a sweet little pomapoo and Buttercup is a beautiful yellow cockapoo. Mrs. Kriese's birthday is on Flag Day, June 14. Isn't that cool?!

She is originally from Cleveland and received her undergraduate degree from the University of Cincinnati in Special Education. She earned her Masters degree from Butler University in Indianapolis, In - School Administration. In addition to this, she took additional courses at Clemson to earn accreditation as a Secondary Principal.

Finally, because she works in the book room, I asked her what her favorite book is. She responded, "My favorite book changes. One of my favorite authors is Patricia Cromwell. She writes crime novels and is quite masterful in her delivery of suspense and drama."