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Give It Up For Ralph Sweeney!

Ralph Sweeney is a senior here at GMC and one of the strongest players on our basketball team. He was the captain of the varsity team this year. Sweeney and Allen Kuria were the top two players on the team to score the most points for the season this year. One piece of advice Sweeney would give to an aspiring basketball player is "You have to be willing to play hard on and off the court." Sweeney also has an interest in Track. He was a long jumper, triple jumper, and high jumper for Southside High School track team; he hopes to continue that here. Sweeney likes to be extremely active as well. He works out every other day to stay in shape for sports he plays. Ralph Sweeney isn't just a good athlete, but a good student. He likes to be involved in school activities, he focuses a lot on his academics, and prides himself on being an honor student. Give it up for Ralph Sweeney!