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Alone on Valentine's Day Again?

As someone who is no longer single I will reflect on my days as a single gal for you all. Valentine's Day is for the couples, right? Not anymore! Single Awareness Day is now a go! Here are some things that you can do if you are raising awareness for the single people this Valentine's.

1. Pet a Cat

A very nice cat is the key to feeling happy. Go to an animal shelter and find a nice fluffy boy to pet. Unless that cat is on a date, in that case, do not disturb him and his date. Oh, and make sure you ask for consent first! If you want to find a nice cat, go to the Humane Society and ask for Booger; he is very weird and I love him. If he was adopted, this is an an emergencey and I need you to contact me at immediately. IOh, and if you are allergic to cats, do not do this.

2. Watch Hatching Pete

A great movie, a real crowd-pleaser. I know that you watched this movie. This movie is the peak of Jason Dolley's and Mitchell Musso's careers. This movie will really make your situation better. Go on Wattpad and read some Mitchell Musso fanfiction. As someone who has read all of them, I can assure you that they will fill the hole in your heart.

3. Go Steal a Statue with Aidan Burke

Contact Aidan. He knows the perfect ethical crime! His personal email is I just spoke with him, and he is waiting for your message! He will have a sweet plan ready just for you! He's a cool dude; I carpool with him.

4. Just Talk to Aidan Burke

He says that he is not lonely, but I know the truth. He is crushingly lonely. If you want to hang out with Aidan, see email listed above.

5. Friend Me, Morgan Kelly, and Aidan Burke on Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Mine is: 3737 6336 702

Aidan's is: 3935 6526 487

Morgan's: 5162 6948 382

Pocket Camp is a good game. When you meet Goldie, you will feel so happy and fulfilled for once.

6. Lay Down and Listen to Music in the Dark

It works, man. I recommend "Hi High" by LOONA

7. Stan LOONA

Great group of girls, very cute. Good music. Open your third eye and stan LOONA. Chuu is best girl.

8. Ascend

Why not? It's not like you're doing anything else. Talk to Aidan Burke. Be above the rest. He will guide your spirit to the other realm. See email above.

9. Hear the whispers, but heed not their words, lest you become like them, a mere tone of the Void.

Aidan knows. Seriously. Email him.

10. Aidan will now help you transition to the Ascendant Realm. Are you ready?

Have a good Valentine's Day with Aidan! Offer ends at 12:00 am on February 15th.