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Top 10 Date Ideas

Ever stressed about the perfect place for a date? Well look no further.

10. Bowling

It offers the perfect opportunity to roll into love. Plus, this is definitely a place where you're partner will not step over the line.

9. Shop for each other

Try to find the perfect outfit for each other. Probably not a clown outfit though.

8. Roller skating

Need an excuse to hold your partners hand? Well look no further. Oh, and exchange insurance information first in case of accidents.

7. Hiking to Pretty Place

Get some fresh air while enjoying the view. Hiking will help you build up stamina to put up with your partner.

6. Bake cookies while listening and dancing to music

This is a chance to let out your inner Michael Jackson. Seriously. LET. HIM. OUT.

5. Walking Downtown

Don't know what to do? Walk around and find something to do. Downtown. Visit Falls Park and fall in love all over again.

4. Mini golf and a picnic in the park

Enjoy a romantic picnic after a relaxing game of putt-putt, in which you crush your significant other, so you can hold it over them forever.

3. Watch Netflix while eating snacks

Feeling lazy? Yeah, me too.

2. Dinner and a movie

You can't go wrong with a classic. In fact, you should watch Titanic so you can think about how you wish you were dating Leonardo DiCaprio instead of your current bae.

1. Stargazing

Cuddle together while looking at the stars. Maybe from a safer spot than the couple in the picture though.