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Opinion: The 5 Day Detox Diet

At the beginning of the new year, my mom and I went on a detox diet. She was doing it as support for one of her friends and so I did it with her. It was all vegan based, except for eggs. Zero processed foods as well. There are people out there who like doing detoxes. I, however, am not in favor.

We started on a Monday and went through that Friday. It was a normal work week but with a twist. Breakfast was odd. To start, we had to drink warm lemon water before eating anything. I really didn't like that. Our choices for breakfast were a smoothie (made with spinach, oats, almonds, berries, turmeric, and other ingredients I don't remember) or eggs with quinoa and spinach. I have a texture problem when it comes to certain foods, so the awkward texture of the smoothie made it very difficult for me to drink. The eggs were a different story. I wanted to eat so many eggs that week because that was one of the only things that was GOOD and filled me up.

Lunch that week was easier than breakfast. Usually my mom ate out with her work for lunch everyday. It saved her time to get more stuff done instead of going home to make her lunch. She couldn't do that this week. We went home everyday to make our lunches, since we live right next door. Our lunch consisted of a salad with homemade dressing. The salad was honestly really good and different, having black beans and avocado in it. There were other types of salads my mom could have made, but she stuck with this one salad. Because we had the same salad everyday for lunch, it started to become bland. Although the salad was good, the dressing was a different story. It was made with all different types of vinegar: apple cider vinegar, balsamic vinegar, and others. This dressing was way to tangy and I couldn't handle it. Neither my mom and I had the heart to use the homemade dressing again, so we cheated and bought an organic dressing. That was so much better.

For dinner, we would make meals consisting of so many different ingredients. Night one we made a stir fry with tofu in it. I do not like tofu, but that stir fry was pretty okay. This made us think that all the other meals were going to turn out actually decent to eat. This was not the case. All other meals were pretty bad. Good for your body, but bad for the taste. The textures sent my mouth into panic mode and meals were sometimes really hard to eat. Nothing tasted as well as the okay stir fry. My little siblings, who are 4 and 5, had different dinners. It was really hard not to break the detox and eat what they were eating for dinner.

In between meals, there were snacks: hummus and veggies, apples and sunflower seeds mixed with cinnamon, or mixed berries with Brazil nuts. I ate these like there was no tomorrow. Snacks were between breakfast and lunch and then lunch and dinner. This felt like the only things that I ate that were filling enough to finish off my breakfast or my lunch. During snack, you could substitute different snacks for the others, but you had to have one of those. My favorites were apples and sunflower seeds with cinnamon and carrots and hummus.

Each meal was portion controlled. That bothered me a lot. I always felt starving even after I ate. By dinner time, I devoured every bit and was still hungry, but I wasn't allowed to eat anything else.

My opinion on this detox challenge? I hated almost every bit of it, especially the part about it being portion controlled. Students shouldn't have to deal with that. We are still growing. If I had known the detox was portion controlled, I don't think I would have agreed to do it. However, at the end, I did feel a little better with my body. I would not suggest THIS detox diet to any student trying to do one. But also I haven't had any experiences via other detoxes so I wouldn't know what to suggest. Some of the detox meals and snacks I will continue to eat, like the apples and sunflowers, the carrots and hummus, the stir fry but with actual meat, and most definitely the egg meal. Even if you aren't wanting to do a detox, I would suggest trying those meals and snacks.

Happy eating!