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Under Pressure

High school can basically equal pressure sometimes. This is, after all, the path to your future! People say that what you do in high school will determine the college you go to, which will determine your chances of getting your dream job. High school sets the stage for the rest of your life! And let's not forget Senior Project! Now, when is that note-taking guide due? How do I explain credibility? Only two months until presentations! Will I even graduate?!

Having a panic attack yet? It's okay. Take a deep breath.

Sure, high school is important, but don't get too wound up. Remember to enjoy the journey! Spend time with friends, go to school events, and practice deep breathing during those stressful moments. Believe me, I'm telling myself this too.

High school can be stressful no matter what grade you are in, but I want to specifically talk to the seniors.

You will finish senior project. You will be accepted into a college if you choose to go. Just keep being awesome and doing your best, and if your best isn't cutting it... give your best and a little extra.

My next tip - don't get caught up in the comparison trap. The pressure is on as you start comparing yourself to others. So and so is going to this school. She's done all this in high school. He's captain of this sports team. Everyone has their own plans and their own path. That college may not even have your major.

Remember you accomplished the little acts of kindness that you aren't recognized for, but everyone loves seeing you in the hall. You hate sports. You may have read 100 books this year. Focus on you! Be happy for your classmates, but know that everything you've done will get YOU where YOU need to be.