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Mini Senior Project

Mini senior project is a major grade project given to freshmen in English I classes. Ms. Schonhar put together this assignment to introduce first-year students to what they would be doing in just a few short years. Students have around two months to put together an item, such as refinishing an antique piece, building a bookshelf, building a go-cart, planning a trip, or building a shelter for animals, for their project. First, however, they have to get the green light from the teacher. To obtain the green light, they will have to create a "Project Proposal." This is where they describe what they would like to do for their project. Once they have turned this piece of paper in, Ms. Schonhar will either approve it, approve it on condition, or tell the student that they cannot do the specific task and they will have to come up with a new idea. Once the student has the go-ahead on their project, they will need a minimum of ten hours of research and are required to create note-taking guides, which will start with basic research. Students will produce three to four of these guides about the key things that they researched. Doing all of the note-taking guides takes about one and a half weeks, but some students may decide to do them all at once. After almost all of the guides are completed, and the student knows how to carry out their project, they are given free reign on creating and finishing the proposed task. Depending on how proactive the student is, they could get the project done in a week, but it is recommended that they spread it out over a long period of time. After about three weeks, the students are expected to have their project done and will start on the presentation and reflection essay. During this stage they will reflect on what they went through to get to this point and what kind of learning stretch took place, whether it was easy or hard.