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What is Disc Golf?

Disc Golf is somewhat of a successful sport. The primary objective of Disc Golf is to throw a small plastic disc into a series of metal baskets; scoring points is like golf because the athlete with the least amount of throws wins.

Going off of the Professional Disc Golf Association's (PDGA) and their 2017 Membership growth, there has been steady swelling in the disc golf community. The majority of new players being male as well as amateurs that have played before. There is also approximately 7.7% or 3,148 out of 41,067 females playing disc golf, and with only 22.6% of the community having the ability to play at a pro level. However, there is still a lot of room for potential growth.

Remarkably there has been an increase of interest throughout the past few years, and does look promising for future growth for years to come. If you are interested in this sport contact for more information.