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Writing Center

The Writing Center is a program at GMC which works to help improve students’ writing. The kind, intelligent student tutors will guide you by giving suggestions on grammar, formatting, sentence structure, and revision. The students aren’t the only people who benefit from The Writing Center; the student tutors learn and grow in their skills by helping others. One of the tutors, Cole, told The Forge why he started working there.

“I think it’s because English is my best subject; I felt like I was stronger in English and I could apply my knowledge better.”

Arden Montjoy, a tutor, shared her experience working there.

“I think it helps me improve my own writing while hopefully helping other people at the same time. I’m learning about writing tech abilities I didn’t know before; I know how to do that now.”

The Writing Center is held in Mr. Cook’s room, after school Tuesday through Thursday. There, Mr. Cook and his tutors can help inspire you, research, guide, and check your essay to make sure it’s ready to turn in. Why make a bunch of little grammatical errors when you can go get help to clean it up? After using the Writing Center, many students have said they have made better grades than in the past. It is a safe place to share and critique the work you bring in.

When asked why he started the Writing Center, Mr. Cook said, “I saw a need in the student community and I wanted to fill it.” The teachers at GMC are exceptional at adapting to the needs of the students. They work hard and do anything they can to make sure the students are succeeding in school and in life; the Writing Center is a product of that. The Writing Center is a pleasant environment for brainstorming essays and a quiet place to work with help from your peers.

So, next time you need help with an essay, stop by! You will be welcomed with open arms into the Writing Center, and hopefully, to better writing and better writing skills!