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What's ASMR?

Tapping, scratching, crinkles, fizz, water noises, and more. If you've ever gone onto a social media site and seen a person with a mic, trying to create sounds- you've witnessed the art of Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR). In other words, "tingles".

Now why does this work? Certain noises and sounds can trigger stimuli in your brain. Sometimes people like sounds that they heard constantly during their childhood, some like sounds that overwhelm their ears, and others may just like to listen to inaudible whispers. With ASMR, there is something for you.

One of the biggest reactions I get when people find out I watch ASMR is the purpose of it. Many question why it should be a thing that people use. ASMR can and does help people with insomnia or people that have trouble sleeping in general. It can calm you and relieve stress, and generally provides a time to just relax and unwind. The biggest misconception with ASMR is that its all mukbangs and roleplays. Although some people enjoy both, it is not all the ASMR world has to offer. You can get a scalp massage, ear cleaning, haircut, or listen to things such as microphone brushing, mic scratching, and tapping. There are so many videos and items to choose from, so you can find something that calms and relaxes you. Some are even meant to help you study.

If you want to find YT channels with exceptional ASMR videos, I suggest to listen to: asmr zeitgeist, PJ dreams asmr, Dennisasmr, ASMR magic, and Caroline ASMR.