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The Cats of The Forge

The people here at The Forge would like to introduce you to their cats! These little fluffy bundles of joy are so excited to meet you. From the chonkers to the smooshes, here are the cats of The Forge.


This is Riley Grubbs (my) baby baby baby baby girl Bobalina. We found Bobalina in the back of our garage, with our sweet outside cat Zach. She was very wriggly, small, and loud. I used to hold her and let Zach go get some food, I was so happy that Zach trusted me with her offspring. She disappeared for a month or so, and then reappeared on a fertilizer bag. I grabbed her, and a few days later, she was in my home. My Dad named her, and we tried to change it, but we just couldn't.


He is also Riley Grubbs (my) baby baby baby baby boy. He was also found in the back of my garage, but he had a sibling, a little sister, Marmalade. Sadly, she did not make it, and my mom wanted to keep Loafie safe. His name comes from how fat he is, and he likes to sit with his arms tucked in, like a little loaf of bread. He is so silly, and he loves playing with hair-ties and scrunchies.


Our Editor-in-Chief, Tristen's, sweet fluffy bundle of happiness. A stray cat that was in the best hands for a period of time. Tristen's sister, Ansa (or known as "Kat") is the girl holding Pickles. The irony there is so great, I can taste it. Anyway, Pickles is the best man I know, and I would do anything for him.


Tiger belongs to our one-and-only main horoscope writer, Brianna Martin! A sweet orange cat, who loves playing and having a sweet time. Lounging and napping are not in his vocabulary, as going at top speed is the only thing he knows.


Cutie! Also belonging to Brianna Martin, this little cat is the cutest. Loves to spend her time wrapped up and sleeping. Very chill cat, I recommend.


This is Morgan Kelly's cat Sweetheart! Sweetheart was the chubbiest, sweetest girl to ever walk the Earth. She was a sweet and cuddly cat, and she loved just having a good time. She loved getting some catnip and just chilling, as shown in the picture below. She also loved drinking from her water bowl with her paw, like a lady. She is one of the all-star cats, that will never be forgotten.


Best boy. So goofy, so silly. This is Briana Hearn's little bundle of fur. He spends his time chasing straws and pipe cleaners and playing fetch. So silly. He is a professional bird watcher, as well as a professional meanie. Very cute, very nice.


A cat that was claimed by Hannah Leonhardt. Her name means "sweet" and boy howdy is she! A sweet, cuddly cat who loves nothing but a good time. I would love to meet this cat. I love her.

Charles aka "Chuck"

Mr. Lowman's cat is less of a pet and more of a non-rent paying house guest. He comes and goes as he pleases but is loved all the same! I wonder what Chuck does when he's away???


Foxy is one of Kelsey Craig's giant fluff balls. He, as you might see in the picture, is..a little bigger but its only because he LOVES to eat turkey and whipped cream. He has an attitude all his own and does pretty much whatever he wants. We got him when I was around four years old and he was super tiny. He is named Foxy after a Chihuahua that a woman we knew had. I love talking about him!


Dorito is Kelsey's other cat and is beyond smothered by his mother (Kelsey). He is named Dorito because my parents found him in the car line picking me up from elementary school. I wanted to feed him immediately and I only had a bag of Doritos and he loved them! We kept him and I named him that but now he loves to eat Pringles. He sleeps in my bed every night on my arm. I trained him to sit on command and now we are working on lay down. This cat is a huge part of my life and I love him to death!


This sweet, little, fluff ball of a fat boy belongs to Jayden Schading. He is 11 years old and loves to play with laser pointers. His birthday they decided would be on July 4th because they found him on Independence Blvd in Charlotte, NC. This also gives insight to why his name is Indy! He loves to snuggle and lay in sinks!