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Cayce Cowan's Disc Golf Course

For his Senior Project, Cayce Cowan decided to build a disc golf course. As his sister, I sat down and interviewed about his process.

Q: What is disc golf?

A: "You have discs; discs are just frisbees that are specially made. They'll turn differently when you throw them, and fade to left and they all do different things and have different speeds. The main point is to get the disc into the basket in as little throws as possible."

Q: Why did you choose to build a disc golf course?

A: "Originally, I was planning on doing a partner golf tournament with Connor Heart, but [the Senior Project Committee] said no because one person has already done a golf tournament so they said two people couldn't do it. I was brainstorming and someone had written on the board disc golf course and I needed a project and I had played disc golf before so I picked that."

Q: Where will you build it?

A: "If anybody remembers the portables, it's gonna be across the retaining pond where the state hill is for cross country. There's a gravel parking lot up where the portables used to be and that's the start off on hole number one. Hole one shoots across the retaining pond and then it goes in the woods from there. It's hard to explain without showing you."

Q: How much was it to build the course?

A: "It was actually about $1,750."

Q: How did you get the funding for the course?

A: "I got it all through company sponsors. The place I work, Mutts, sponsored a big chunk of it; they sponsored $500. I'm very glad they did that and I'm very grateful for the other companies as well like Gary Sullivan's insurance, and Bonitz construction. They both gave donations of $200 to be able to buy the equipment for my course. In return I do have a whole sponsorship."

Q: What do you mean when you said that you have a whole sponsorship with Bonitz construction?

A: "I'm making a sign for Bonitz."

Q: How long will it take to build?

A: "My product is due April eleventh so hopefully I get it done by March 15 so that way the club has time to play and practice."

Q: Has anyone expressed interest in playing?

A: "Yes. I have to have at least five [players] and fairly sure that I can get that. I know five people for sure."

Q: Will students be able to play at lunch time?

A: "I wouldn't think so because you would have to go all the way up the hill and it would be in the woods. I feel like it would be a liability for the school for people to do that at lunchtime."

Q: Who will be in charge of the equipment?

A: "Ideally, they need to bring their own discs but I know Mrs. Elliot has a box of discs that people can use if they want to play the course."

Q: Will the course only be available for club members?

A: "No, anyone can come and play but I just had to start a club for my project. Hopefully people that aren't in the club play the course too. I want everybody to be able to play it."