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The Differences Between Mr. and Ms. GMC

There are many events that go on here at GMC, one of the most popular being the pageants. There are two pageants during the year, one for the girls, Ms. GMC, and one for the boys, Mr. GMC. They sound very similar, but they are very different.

Mr. GMC is much more relaxed and fun, they wear onesies, make jokes pertaining to the teachers (with their permission, of course), and talents that may or may not be actual real talents. The point of Mr. GMC is to have fun, while also poking a bit of fun at how the girl's pageants. Mr. GMC is all in good fun and is just meant to give everyone a break where they can just sit back and watch some guys mess around on stage. Some of the shenanigans that have happened at Mr. GMC are beard shaving and horse heads. Obviously, the guys have all the fun in the world, but the same cannot be said about the girls.

Ms. GMC is very hardcore and intense. The judges are merciless and give no slack to the ladies competing. They go as far as to take points off for the amount of hairspray you have applied to your hair. There is no stone left unturned in the Ms. GMC pageant, everything is taken into account. I have no hatred for the Ms. GMC pageant, it is probably a very rewarding and amazing experience. Especially when you get to go through the pageant alongside your friends. The Ms. GMC pageant may seem less fun, but in reality, it most likely forms closer bonds between all of the girls competing.

The GMC pageants are staples in the GMC student life. They are a highly anticipated event and are very fun to participate in as well as watch. The Mr. and Ms. GMC pageants are very important to the GMC student body and are much appreciated by the students.