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Inexpensive Prom Alternatives

With prom two weeks away, it's time to start (if you haven’t already) planning your evening. Here's how to enjoy the evening without draining your bank account.

Hair & Makeup

Typical Price: $95 - $120

Alternative: Have a mom, sister, or friend with a knack in this area to do it for you. Free and a great excuse to spend time together!


Typical Price: $15 - $27

Alternative: Just like with hair and makeup, have a family member or friend do this for you.

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Spray Tan

Typical Price: $20

Alternative: Find a dress that suits you, don't make yourself suit a dress.

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Typical Price: (Corsage) $35 (Boutonniere) $7 - $15

Alternative: Make your own. Depending on what you want, you can collect/buy real or silk flowers and then find a DIY video on YouTube (like this one)

Tips: Hobby Lobby has weekly sales on alternating items. Time it right and you can use their 40% coupon the week the flowers are on sale to get them the cheapest.


Typical Price: (Shoes) $50 - $70; (Jewelry) $4 - $12

Alternative: Wear some simple sandals they’ll be both comfortable and low-cost. Or, you could go barefoot, unless that is against the dress code.


Typical Price: (Limo) $1,000

Alternative: Use your own car and map out the most gas efficient route by picture dinner and picture locations near the location of prom.

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Typical Price: $800 - $1,000

Alternative: Call a friend with an aspiring talent in photography. They'll get some good shots for a portfolio and you'll get to spend time with them. Win, win!


Typical Price: $60 - $120

Alternative: Save your Just Because or fill out the survey on your receipt to get dinner for FREE at Chick-fil-A. Who doesn't like that? Great food for no cost! You also do not have to tip anybody.