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College classes no longer free?

Greenville Technical College will not longer waive the entire cost for GMC students taking college classes according to an email sent from GMC Principal Fred Crawford.

Currently, GMC students taking college courses through Greenville Tech do not pay tuition for those courses; however, higher demand for these courses has lead the college to decide they are no longer able to waive the full cost.

According to an email addressed to parents, the GMC Board of Directors have adopted a funding plan they are calling a "1-2-3 College Plan." Under this plan, students in the class of 2021 will be offered free tuition for one course during their sophomore year, two courses during their junior year, and three courses during their senior year.

The email also stated that GTC will allow students to take one additional course each year at the rate currently charged to Greenville County students in dual credit courses.

The email also states that GTC will no longer be offering GMC graduates the "13th Year" in which students attend GTC for their first year at no tuition cost.

Read the full text of the email below:

April 3, 2019

Dear Parents,

We are very excited that you have chosen Greer Middle College Charter High School for your son or daughter. Our faculty and staff work hard to create a supportive and challenging program in order to prepare students to be successful in their future college and career plans. A critical piece of our success is the commitment from the student, the parents, and the school to collaborate. Our goal is to prepare the students academically through content and skills. These skills include organization, work ethic, and a desire to always perform at the highest level possible.

One of our program highlights is the opportunity for students to enroll in college courses while in high school. In the past, the college has waived the tuition cost for our students. With the higher demand for these courses in Greenville County, the college is no longer able to waive the entire cost. Our Board of Directors is committed to our mission of providing the opportunity for all students to enroll in college courses. As a result, they have adopted a funding plan called the "1-2-3 College Plan" for the Class of 2021 students.

The "1-2-3 College Plan" provides tuition free college courses for students in the Class of 2021 using the following model:

1 Course each semester for students in the 10th grade.

2 Courses each semester for students in the 11th grade.

3 Courses each semester for students in the 12th grade.

The college allows students to take one additional course per semester. The tuition for any additional courses would be paid by the parent per credit hour. This is the rate charged by the college for all dual credit students in Greenville County Schools.

The "1-2-3 College Plan" allows students to complete 36 hours of college courses before graduating high school. This is equivalent to at least one year of college work. Also, Greenville Technical College will no longer allow GMC graduates to continue without tuition costs for the "13th Year". However, any graduate with a high school GPA of 3.0 or higher, will be eligible for a Life Scholarship. This essentially makes the "13th year" tuition free to continue at coursework at Greenville Technical College.

We will continue to provide college textbooks for all classes while students are enrolled at GMC. I look forward to working with you over the years ahead in preparing your student for a bright future.


Fred Crawford

Fred Crawford, Principal