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Bone Bone the Cat

Everyone loves looking at pictures of cute animals on the internet, whether it's dogs, opossums, raccoons, cats, or other animals. One particular cat named Bone Bone, or Bone for short, is attracting audiences all over the world to his Instagram and Twitter pages for a total of about 441,400 followers.

Bone Bone is a 7-year-old Persian cat who weighs 20 pounds and lives in Thailand, where he enjoys getting groomed, admiring his gawking fans, and going on walks. Yes, this fluffy feline loves exploring the world around him! Persian cats are typically independent, playful, and intelligent. This makes walks around the park a walk in the park! Before prancing around the city, Bone dons his harness, leash, and spiky yellow backpack. And in case you are wondering why a cat needs a backpack, I have an answer: it makes him look even more adorable than without a backpack.

Bone Bone is a natural born model, which is evident in his posts. Whether he is posing on a pedestal or standing next to a tank of gasoline, this kitten manages to look adorable in every single photo. In addition to his appearance, Bone also has a charming meow. His owner stated in an Instagram post that he is "a big meow boy," which is a perfect description as far as fans can tell.

Ever wanted merchandise for an internet cat? Well, worry not, because Bone Bone has released t-shirts and keychains! Unfortunately, these products are not available for international purchase at the moment, but one can still dream.

Needless to say, Bone Bone is a unique cat who certainly deserves all the love he can get.

Bone Bone's social media platforms:

Twitter: @bonebonebot

Instagram: @bonebone29

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