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The Dogs of The Forge

There are so many furry friends that all mean something to our staff members here at The Forge. I feel that it is right to do a dog article featuring all the dogs of The Forge. I mean, it is time to give them their spotlight, not just cats. Here are our four-legged, tail-wagging, puppy eyed friends of The Forge!

Chance and Lily:

This first set of dogs aren't really dogs at all, but puffballs. They belong to our one and only Hannah Leonhardt! Aren't they the cutest? Here is what Hannah had to say about her glorious pups:

"The one on the left is Chance. He is a rescue. He also only has one eye because when he was a puppy these people drove by the Humane Society and threw him out of their moving car window. Believe me though, the little rascal doesn’t know he’s missing anything. The other one is Lily. She is super sweet and a diva. She can be very intuitive. If anyone in our family is really sick or upset, she will stay with them. She will also tell my parents to make sure we are okay."

Adalyne (a.k.a. Addie):

Addie seems to be our newest edition to The Forge pup family. She is actually my puppy and, boy, is she a handful. She nips, bites, eats things she shouldn't, and likes to chew off parts of her toys. The first day we got her, we had given her a new little pig toy. The ear of that toy was gone in 30 minutes! But, to say the least, she is a good dog. When she isn't biting or playing, she loves to cuddle. My household is very happy to have Addie as our own. We would not trade her for anything in this world or beyond.


Beauregard "Beau" Craig is Kelsey Craig's dog. He is a handsome purebred German Shepherd. One of his favorite toys is a ball made from cows, which is interesting but sort of cool. As Kelsey states, "he likes to swim in the pool and roll around in the grass, like any dog" and he is a fantastic dog. I personally love shepherds so I am in love with Beau.

Daisy May:

Daisy May begins the chain of dogs that ALL belong to our fabulous Ansley Mason. Daisy May is a blue merle Aussie Shepherd and is "head of the pack." She loves attention, is very laid back, and is a major mama-bear because of her overprotectiveness. Swimming, chasing horses, and taking rides in anything are some of her favorite things to do.

Ellie Mae:

Ellie is Ansley's red merle Aussie Shepherd. Ellie is as energetic as a toddler on sugar. Like Daisy, she loves taking rides, swimming (but hates baths), and chasing horses. Ellie also loves to play with Magic, the kitten. "She is my best friend and has to stay up under me 24-7" Ansley says.

Banjo & Oscar:

These two litter brothers, Banjo (right) and Oscar (left) are silver labs. They love to chase Ansley's four wheeler and run through trails in the woods. If you're walking around Ansley's property and see water, these two brothers are most likely in that water. These dogs are so big, they've been mistaken for bears! "Their paws are as big around as my face" Ansley states.


Cash is another Aussie Shepherd Ansley owns, only his fur pattern is called "black tri." His name comes from the famous Johnny Cash because he looks like he is wearing a tux. He is very protective of his family (which are the only people he like.) "He may act all big and bad but he is a real softie."

Brewzer & Tucker: These two pups also came from the same litter as one another. Brewzer (right) is another black tri Aussie Shepherd that Ansley owns. He is a big sweetheart. He is very short compared to Tucker, but knows how to open the door for him. Tucker is just like Ellie when it comes to being energetic. He also loves to chase horses and play with Magic. His favorite person seems to be Ansley's cousin, and the two play hard.

Maggie Mae:

Maggie Mae is Katie Montgomery's pup. She is a teeny pup, being only nine pounds at two years old! Katie tells us that Maggie Mae "is the sassiest pupper on the planet but she is also the sweetest." She is such a beaut!


Barkley is Riley Grubb's dog. She described him so well that I don't want to try and rephrase it! Here is what Riley has to say about her dog:

"This is Barkley. He’s a January baby and he’s 5. He’s stinky and goofy. He wants to be a lap dog even though he weighs 100 pounds. He tries to pet our cats, but he’s too big and his paws are too heavy :(. When we come home he wiggles his lil butt at us!!!!!"


Maggie is Kaileigh Stoia's dog. She is the sassiest 3 year old dog you would ever meet. Some of her favorite things are peanut butter, giving kisses, and FREQUENT naps. She was a gift to the Stoia kids for Christmas one year and a YouTube video shows Kaileigh and her brother hyperventilating out of excitement! Kaileigh says Maggie "has the worst gas" but Kaileigh couldn't imagine life without Maggie.

Beulah Mae & Mollie Brown:

These adorable dogs belong to our one and only Mr. Lowman. Beulah Mae (foreground) is an eight year old pup. Mr. Lowman got Beulah in 2011 on Valentine's Day. She loves a ball, "taking extremely short walks, and gaslighting people into believing she isn't actually biting them." Mollie Brown (background) is seven. A friend of Mr. Lowman's had found her at the flea market for $100 because the "wife thought [Mollie] was too active." Since being with Mr. Lowman, Mollie has learned how to climb stairs and know what her name is. One little quirk about Mollie is that a bandana keeps her calm and grounded.


These next (and last) three dogs are our wonderful Mackenzie Joyce's King Charles Caviler Cocker Spaniels. First on the list is Duke. He is an old man and acts like one too. He is a very hyper dog but still can't do anything, which is kind of sad. He is spoiled rotten as well. (Also in the picture is Duchess, but she isn't with us anymore.)


Macie is Mackenzie's youngest spaniel. She is more hyper than any other dog their family has ever had. She will play fetch for HOURS on end, to the point of barking at you until she throws the ball. She also lays down to eat her food (which is weird). Macie "has a mohawk on her head and it is always sticking up."


Mickey is named after Mickey Mouse! Mackenzie's dad spoils the crap out of Mickey. Mickey sits AT the dinner table (it's a high top table too!) and eats his dinner with the family. Mickey has had Thanksgiving dinner and also climbs up the table to scavenge for food. He is very hyper and oddly sits like a chicken! Whenever Mackenzie's dad gets home, "he will climb up the couch and sit on his head."