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I Like It, But I Don't LOVEnder It

Lavender. It's not just for smells anymore. How many can say that they have not only whiffed or wafted but eaten this flora? My first encounter with this rather foreign concept was in a milk tea store downtown. I was amazed! One of my favorite scents was now localized entirely not in my nostrils, but on my tongue! Incredible. I was enthralled. It was at that moment I decided to concoct some sort of lavender confection myself. After little deliberation, I decided to make lavender ice cream. Technically, I ended up making a frozen custard, but there's really no substantial difference. I used this custard recipe I found. I will say that I didn't feel quite as enlightened and ingenuous when I found that someone has done it before me.

As a gourmet, I used organic lavender for the lavender flavor. What else, right? I found a container with two tablespoons of lavender for sale, which was precisely as much as I needed. I had to go to one of those hippy stores to find it, but I believe corners shouldn't be cut when it comes to food because it will make me look more cultured than I am.

After straining the lavender buds from the cream and honey mixture, it goes into a metal tube, which then goes into a bucket of ice and salt, and then the actual engine for the ice cream maker is inserted to into the tube with the cream. This engine and paddle (pictured above) rotate in order to aerate the cream, which is pretentious talk for making it fluffy. This creates ice cream, rather than just ice.

I must say I was disappointed with the taste of the final product. It's by no means bad, it's just not what I was hoping for. The real lavender gives it an herbal taste, not a sweet and pure lavender-smell type of taste. I also added cinnamon to some of what was created, which I believe improved it, though I may have added a pinch too much. The final taste is reminiscent of eggnog, likely from the egg used in the custard. I have many, many ideas for how to improve and alter this, from technique to ingredients, but this trial run will be proclaimed an objectively moderate success.