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All She Wants To Do Is Dance

Many people like to believe that certain sports aren't "sports." One is including dance. There are students here at GMC who would greatly disagree with that statement. They dance their hearts out, compete in stressful competitions, and win awards. We have had the pleasure to get insight as to what it's like being a dancer. Briana Hearn has the inside information about dance and everything you need to know. Not only is she a good dancer, she has been awarded with the highest medal in her most recent competition. She is here to tell us about her involvement in dance as well as what you need to know to truly understand the life of a dancer.

Q: Where do you dance?

A: Southern Dance Connection

How long have you danced for?

10 years

What made you first want to get into dance?

I loved seeing other dancers doing things they love.

Do you put a lot of effort into dance?

I put all of my time into dance to try to get better.

Do you believe dance is a sport seeing as though you dance?

Yes, I do think dance is a sport because you use every muscle at certain times for different moves.

What are competitions and what are they like? Dance competitions are where different dance teams go to a location with about four to six judges. They get judged on every single part of the dance and are rated on a scale. To me, they are stressful because you have to do a lot to prepare.

How often are these competitions?

Competitions are only in the spring.

Do all competitions have awards? If so, what kind of awards are there?

All competitions have awards. The awards are based on the costumes, how well you know the dance, and facial expressions. Everyone gets a "participation award" and then there are overall awards.

What requirements are needed to get these awards?

There aren't really any requirements. It all comes down to the judges.

What is the most recent competition you've been in?

The most recent competition I have been in was last weekend, March 31, 2019.

Did you receive an award? If so, what for (if applicable)?

My team got an award for our lyrical dance.

Didn't you recently receive a diamond award (the highest award)?

I did but I think my team deserves more recognition. They got me to where I am to receive the award.

Do you enjoy dance?

Dance is my favorite thing to do.

What is your most prized award and when did you get it?

My most prized award is a medal to go to nationals. I got it last weekend.

What has been your favorite production/dance recital and how old were you for it?

My favorite production dance would be this year's dance because it's about Disney. We all have different parts as different characters.

What kind of people would you recommend should dance or do you think anyone can?

I think anyone can dance.

At what age do you think people begin to dance or does any age work?

Any age really works when you're starting to dance but I always think that starting at a younger age is better. You'll learn more as you go that way.

What would you say to someone who doesn't dance?

If you don't dance then that's perfectly fine. Dance isn't for everyone but I still believe anyone can dance.

What would you say to someone who is thinking about doing dance?

Go to a dance school near you that has nice people in it.

What would you say to a beginner dancer?

Work for what you want. If you don't work towards the goal you want, then you might not get it.

What would you say to a more advanced dancer?

Keep working and never give up.

Is there anything you want to add to this interview?

Nothing really.

Lastly, in your opinion, what truly is "dance"? What defines someone as a "dancer"?

Dance to me is a get away. It's somewhere you can go to get all of your feelings out as well as just having fun. A dancer is really just someone who is simply having fun in the way they dance.