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As you all know GMC prom is just around the corner. Some of you might be wondering what to do about your dress. Many stress over style, color, or if they can even dance in it.

If you are a very outgoing and energetic person who loves to dance a tight bottom or strapless top isn’t going to be the best idea. I would consider wearing an a-line or a shorter flowy dress.

On the other hand, if you want to where something elegant and fit I would suggest a mermaid. Some might not like how the mermaid is tight and then flared but there is another option. A trumpet dress is almost identical to a mermaid, but it is tight and begins to loosen up at the bottom of the thigh, as it goes down.

All dresses have different style tops and colors. You have the v-neck, the halter, the strapless, and many more. Base your top off of what you will be doing on prom night. You don’t want to have to worry about your dress. Another problem you might come across is the color of the dress and if it will wash you out. If you are struggling choosing take a picture in all the dresses and compare them.

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