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Other Pets of The Forge

You have been introduced to the cats and dogs of The Forge, so now it's time for you to meet the rest of the gang.

Ming Ming and Snickers

Ming Ming belongs to our wonderful sports editor Ansley. He is a fun loving yellow male duck that adores the water. His favorite thing to do is swim in the pool with a dog. Snickers is a female and she loves to cuddle. She is often found with her best friend Ming Ming.


One of Ansley's again. Reba here acts like a human even going as far to sit on her chair and watch everyone work. Weird thing about her is that she lays eggs everywhere, so there is always a surprise waiting somewhere.


Ansley just doesn't stop. Along with ducks and a chicken she has horses too! This is Gus and he gets jealous of other horses if someone is ridding them and not him. He hates pictures and avoids them the best he can. He also loves to play with cats.


This is Ansley's too. Bou acts like a baby even though he is 20 years old. His best friend is Toy and they love to hang out with each other.


Last of Ansley's, but certainly not least we have Scotch. He likes to eat goldfish so much that he does a little dance after eating them. He thinks he is a king and acts like one too. He prefers girls over guys and loves to splash and play in the water.


This here is Briana Hearn's guinea pig. He is very hyper and only calms down when he is fed. His name is Stitch because her mom said that he could only have a name from a Disney movie.


This is Mackenzie's Aunt's blue tarantula that Mackenzie helps to take care of. She is named after the goddess of Spring and Mackenzie's Aunt believes that she should be treated as such.


This is another one of Mackenzie's Aunt's that she loves as her own. He loves attention and will do anything to get it.


Gandalf here also belongs to Mackenzie's Aunt. This little bunny loves cuddles and can always be found in someones arms.


The last pet is also Mackenzie's Aunt's. She is a brown tarantula and her name is Lilith. She was named after a demon of the night and she loves to creep and crawl around in the dark.