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Video Game Survey Results

Action - 190 responses

Call of Duty: 41.1%

Assassin's Creed: 28.4%

CSGO: 17.9%

Halo: 12.6%

Arcade - 199 responses

Pac-Man: 34.2%

Tetris: 27.6%

Galaga: 21.6%

Donkey Kong: 16.6%

Board - 196 responses

Monopoly: 46.4%

Risk: 19.4%

Chess: 19.4%

Catan: 14.8%

Card - 201 responses

Uno: 44.8%

Poker: 23.9%

Black Jack: 18.9%

Go-Fish: 12.4%

Battle Royal - 214 responses

Minecraft Hunger Games: 37.9%

Fortnite: 27.6%

Apex Legends: 24.8%

PUBG: 9.8%

Sports - 198 responses

Wii Sports: 49.5%

Madden NFL: 19.2%

FIFA: 8.6%

Featured Comments

“Everything in Minecraft” “Minecraft is an immortal gem in the gaming community.”

“Card game: War and Qwitch (this one's really fun!)”

“All games by Forza. (Horizon, Motorsport, etc...)”

“Spiderman PS4. Solid game”

“Rocket league is good too :)”

“BATTLE TOADS!!!!!!!!!”

“Super Smash Bros.”

“Legend of Zelda”

“Sea of Thieves”

“Angry Birds”


“io games”

“NBA 2K”


All of the comments above were enthusiastically repeated at least three times to make it in the featured section. A lot of comments stated that I had forgotten to put some categories in the survey. I did not forget, I merely chose to not include them.